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September 8, 2009
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Elven archer by Shockbolt Elven archer by Shockbolt
The elven archer, some say she was a princess from a kingdom far far away, now in the service or emperor Therorian of Agnoshor. What they did know for a fact was that when she put an arrow on the bowstring, it always found it's mark, day or night.

Spent a full day on this one, painted in several layers, no ref used.

Photoshop and a wacom tablet used.

Do not use without permission.
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Well done!

A few positive criticisms, if I may.
1. Maybe it's just me, but I always imagine Elves being lacking in the bust department. Maybe this is a product of my D&D experience where Elves are frailer than humans, leaner, smaller, etc. I think her breasts are too big for an Elf and;

2. The way her arrow is nocked. A true archer wouldn't have that much finger wrapped around the bowstring. The string would be only the pads of her fingers. This allows for a quicker release as well as reducing the risk of being "snapped" by the string (this HURTS btw and can cause inaccuracy in the arrow trajectory). Further, the arrow would be between her middle and ring fingers, not her index and middle (this allows for a strong draw.) Also, the drawn hand would probably be closer to her cheek and face, allowing her to aim more accurately.

Just some caveats for drawing archers in the future! Great painting overall tho! :)
Shockbolt Mar 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the feedback :)
I haven't paid too much attention to my deviantart account lately, largely due to several projects devouring much of my spare time.
My gallery contains both old and new images, it took me several years before I even paid too much attention to key parts such as anatomy,
so the older images will have what some consider flaws in them.

I'm an archer myself, and I'm shooting longbows, horse bows and more, traditional style. I can't for the love of god shoot straight when
I have the string on the tip of my fingers, so it rests in the joint with me, I guess that is reflected somewhat in this image.  

I'm not going to argue with your viewpoints, I've also been corrected myself, pointing out that arrows were placed on the wrong side of
the bow, and then got told it's done that way in certain asian countries for example.

In the end, it's a fantasy image, and I like to think that fantasy allows for stretching of our reality :)
Simply love this woman, she is stunning
Shockbolt Feb 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks :)
You beautifully capture the tension just before release. This girl looks competent with her boy with a well muscled arms and an expression both calm and intense. I want her on my quest - does she cook?
Finally, with 5 pictures I can use my talents... TALENTS... UNLOCK!!!

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Kinda like this except for the big breasts but thats my opinion about elves, that they don't have big ones.
Shockbolt Oct 5, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Well...You know, small for someone is large for someone else :D
These are just ok for me :XD:
great work! :)
I dont know if you know anything about :iconthelotrclub: but your work would be greatly appreciated there.
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