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Devious Journal Entry

Thu Sep 14, 2006, 11:29 AM
Oh the art of killing me.. *ahem*

The weapons production is finally over, and I've got so much spare time that I can't think of anything to's not how it is.

Short newsflash:

I've recently teamed up with the guys at Bearcavestudios :iconbearcavestudios: , coloring their marvelous sketches.

I'm currently working on the script for my new and fantastic upcoming fantasy comic series...hopefully I am able to finish the mainstory and begin sketching out the first comicbook of it by the end of this year.

A new gamecompany set to make a fantasy card game which is launching next year has "hired" me as part of a group of artists to make card art for them. This will be a fun project to work with.

As for the weaponsmith part of my spare time: I plan to create a fully functional heavy crossbow and all the accessories that are part of it. I'll manufacture everything but the steel bow and string myself. The steel bow and string I'll order from a company in the united states.
I might also make a longbow, 100-160 lbs strong and arrows to go with it. The one I've already made is of 26 lbs strenght...which is not much.

Devious Journal Entry

Mon Aug 28, 2006, 8:46 AM
Movie props production

Finished the movieprops project. Looking forward to a nice, relaxing late summer/autumn/winter so I can concentrate on my fantasy comic album series (which I've not given a name to yet). Still chiseling out the characters from the rough descriptions I've made for them. The main story of the series is almost complete, still making small adjustments from time to time as inspiration changes.

Being an electrician, I would rather make digital artwork or create weapons/armor for a living.(it pays well to do electrical stuff but...) At least I know for sure now that it's good I'm not a vet. I had one of my pets there for a check-up and they did ultra sound on her as I watched. My creativity kicked in, when they saw her intestines, I saw valleys and mountains and rock formations being bathed in bright white moonlight, the dust that covered the rocky formations sparkled in the light and I could swear I saw a creature or two moving around between those hills aswell. :-)
So...I guess I wouldn't be of much use when it came to concentrating on what actually was in there :-)

Shrooms is another fantasy slap-stick comedy comic I created back in 2001. I've put up some scraps of it and I got tons of pages that I've scanned onto the computer that I plan to do some

Devious Journal Entry

Thu Aug 10, 2006, 10:31 AM
Movie props production

THis has been a busy week. Completed the spear production, made 8 spears in one evening. I've also made a scottish long gun wich is over 2 meters long (and weighs alot!) . Production on two scottish black powder guns for the main character in the movie has also begun, hopefully they will be completed this weekend. One of them is supposed to be functional.
AND...I managed to fit in a 25 hour work on a new fantasy digital painting.

Still got 10 more swords to make before I'm done...

Will post pictures of the weapons later.

Devious Journal Entry

Tue Aug 1, 2006, 8:56 AM
Movie props production

6 new daggers for the movie are almost complete, they still need some "antique finishing" before they're done. Some are with rings, some without, all with different hand guard styles. I've also started on the production of two black powder handguns for the movies main character. They're going to be very detailed as they're going to appear (most likely) close to the camera when filming. Production of a long gun ( over 2 meters in lenght) is also under way. This one is going to be very detailed aswell.

Other than that, I've cut out and somewhat grinded down a couple of blades for more german/norwegian-swords.

Spent some days up in Trondheim last week and got to see part of the Olavsfestdagene- festival held up there each year...and I spent a small fortune on comic books in a store called Outland :-)

Uhm..yeah..I thought I should mention...This last two weeks I've been writing a script for a series of fantasy comic book albums...I've got the main story sketched out, still working on the main characters and side stories. This will be a fun project to work on when the movie-project is completed.

Devious Journal Entry

Sat Jul 22, 2006, 2:15 PM
Movie props production

Produced 5 weapons this friday/saturday. This includes 2 spears, 1 baskethilt-sword, 1 scottish dirk with "faked etchings" and a ring guard dagger. Photos of the dirk, baskehilt sword and ring dagger can be found in the gallery.

Planning to make another dagger tomorrow and maybe get along on another sword, scottish baskethilt sword this time.

Devious Journal Entry

Fri Jul 21, 2006, 5:59 AM
Movie props production

Began production on 30 weapons for a movie set in the year 1612 here in norway. Filming will commence in august this year.

Short background for the movie:
There's a war here in norway and the opposing force has hired over 300 scottish mercenaries to fight against the norwegians. They arrive at a place called Klungnes. The production is mainly single bladed weapons including daggers, norwegian/german basket hilt swords, scottish basket hilt swords. There will also be some black powder guns and long guns, some spears and some axes. And maybe helmets.

I will post several production photos from weapons already made and maybe some shots of the italian armor dating back to 1450 that I've made a 90% accurate replica of.

All weapons will ofcourse be made of steel and wood. No plastic, aluminum etc will be used in production